contemporary mental health

ASSESSMENT Brief (specific)Summative (final) assessment comprises of a 4,000 words (3 parts):Part 1 (1,000 words) – historical conceptsUsing two examples, critically analyse historical and contemporary approaches to mental health.Discuss one example of socio-economic influences on mental healthPart 2 – Case study (specific) (2,000words)Selectone of the case studiesprovidedPlace this in the appendix in your assessment).· Analyse the case study, and identify a possible diagnosis from the description provided, justifying reasons for selecting the type of mental health problem. Link with available literature.· Discuss the possible forms of treatment and intervention and how the person can be supported, taking into considerations the available mental health services in the U.K..· Discuss the implications of this diagnosis for the person concerned, including any potential risks.· Critically reflect on how current policy and legislation would define best practice to meet the holistic needs of this service user.Part 3 – Reflection (1,000 words)Using Gibbs’ Model, reflect onhow the case study you have discussedcould develop and inform your practice when working and /or caring for individuals with mental health issues. What have you learned from undertaking this case study?Specific Assessment Criteria:(Please note that theGeneral Assessment Criteriawill also apply. Please see section 15)Secondary Research Level HE6 – it is expected that your reference listwill contain 15-20 relevantsources. Asa MINIMUMthe reference list should include 3 refereed academic journal articles and 5 academic books.

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