“CORPORATE INVERSIONS”, assignment help

Homework Assignment: “CORPORATE INVERSIONS”

Due date and Maximum score: Wednesday, 09/07/2016 (30 points)

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Deliverable: No more than ONE (1) page individual write-up, 12-point font, single-space. Bullet points are recommended.

Assignment: Research on “CORPORATE INVERSIONS” and answer the following briefly:

1.  What is “Corporate Inversion” in the United States?

2.  What is(are) the rationale(s) behind corporate inversions?

3.  What is(are) the principal implication(s) of corporate inversions?

4.  Give two examples of corporate inversions in the U.S.. Explain briefly each case.

5.  What is the difference between “tax avoidance” and “tax evasion?” Which case “corporate inversions” fall under?

6.  Discuss briefly whether “corporate inversion” is a strategy you would or would not recommend. Why?

7.  Provide at least one significant scholarly paper and one current article on the topic, as reference.   

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