Course Project – Writing an Paper

Can you please write a 2-3 paper based on the criteria below?

Current Economic Trends


This is the first component of your course project.

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For this first exercise, identify and analyze six industries—three cyclical, and three non-cyclical.

  • Cyclical industries’ activities move with an annual or seasonal business cycle. Examples of cyclical industries include the auto, airlines, housing, furniture, appliance, and financial services industries.
  • Non-cyclical industries remain fairly constant over time. These include such industries as food, pharmaceuticals, utilities, and cosmetics.

You can search the Internet for a listing of companies by industry groups. The Yahoo! Finance Web site is a recommended resource.

Your goal is to analyze the effects of current economic trends on the industries you select. As part of your 2–3-page summary (including any graphics), respond to the following questions.

  • What changes or trends do you see evolving?
  • How will these changes impact your financial expectations?
  • What investment strategies do you have for mitigating any adverse changes?

Title your analysis as “Current Economic Trends” and submit it to the assignment area. See the Current Economic Trends Scoring Guide for the grading criteria for this assignment. Review the course project information for more details on your project.

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