Create an excellent Business Plan for Business Finance Course, business and finance homework help

Please follow the attached outline and implement each component on the outline to receive the highest grade possible. Also please take a look at the Example Business plan attached….This business plan received a 100% and I need mine to be just as good and put together well.

Business Plan Idea

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The name of my business is Shione’s Mobile Salon, which is basically a beauty salon on wheels. I will travel to a person’s home, business, or event to perform services needed. My services include all hair maintenance, natural and acrylic nail services, make-up services, waxing services, and some spa services. My business is both cost and time effective for those clients who have families, jobs, and very little time to travel. Shione’s Mobile Salon allows clients to be pampered in the serenity of their home, while being able to complete household responsibilities. We allow business women to add those last-minute touches for their important meeting. We also cater to events such as weddings where the bride is at ease that her last-minute touch-ups can be done in an instant.

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