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CRM Case Study: From Students to Alumni: Implementing CRM to Build Lifelong Relationships at HEC Montreal

The CRM Case Study has three parts (A, B and C).  Your written submission will be based on parts A & B.The written submission should be ~4 pages in length (double spaced, 12 point – or ~1000 words).    Your response will require careful reading of the case, application of principles from our course and basic external research in the area of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and cloud computing.Please read Part A & B of the CRM at HEC Montreal case study (Harvard Business materials) prior to preparing an analysis of the CRM implementation at HEC.  Use the following questions to guide your analysis:To set the stage, consider the following from Part A (1-2 pages of the response):· What pressures within higher education were affecting HEC Montreal?· How was diversity manifesting itself at HEC (academic programs, services, etc.)· Why is the CRM project of strategic importance to HEC? Describe three key benefits that HEC could hope to achieve by implementing CRM.  This question will require a bit of research on the basics of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Software and Cloud Computing to enhance your understanding of the case.Address the following items from Part B (2-3 pages of the response)· What are the main risk factors of the CRM project at HEC? Rank and explain what you consider are the top five.· Determine what management approach and deployment model you would use to implement this product and help mitigate these risk factors. Explain why. Consider Traditional (Waterfall), Agile or perhaps a combination (hybrid) or other alternative in your response.Grammatically correct and citations as appropriate.You’ve prioritized risks that could face the project, but are these the most critical for this particular project?  Did you consider their need for data security, the wide diversity of tools that would need to be integrated, technical expertise and costs?  While the areas that you mentioned would be appropriate for almost all projects, what are the specifics that are critical for this project? You show an understanding of the project management options.  With your selection of Agile, how might you specifically address the HEC implementation?

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