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Cross Platform Mobile App Development Company

Cross-platform appshttps://stfalcon.com/en/services/cross-platform-development– apps that are developed and then run on both Android and iOS at the same time. The essence of development is that the source code of the application is translated into native, that is, understandable to a particular mobile device. As a result, the program can interact with the operating system installed on it.Advantages of cross-platform development:Expansion of the user base due to the appearance of the application in several stores at the same time – this and the subsequent benefits are of great importance specifically for business purposes;One source code saves you from having to hire multiple developers for each platform;Increasing the speed of development. For different projects, the launch time reduction indicators will be different depending on the functionality of the application, how complex it is, but on average, time savings can reach 20%. And this reduces time-to-market – the time it takes for a product to enter the market.75% of the code base of a cross-platform application can be reused, adapting it for new projects. The cost of fixing bugs and adding new functionality is reduced.

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