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Interview someone from another culture (not necessary ethnic) about interpersonal dynamics and customs in relationships. This may include discussions about friendship, dating, marriage, and family, but you are not limited to this list.

Keep in mind that culture is not limited to ethnicity. For example, if you interview the chief executive officer (CEO) of your company, you will find that CEOs have their own culture. If you interview a person in the military, you will find that the military has its own sets of rules that are standardized throughout its culture. If you interview someone who attended a private or religious school, whereas you attended a public school, you will find that he or she has a different culture.

After conducting your interview, prepare an interview summary and analysis that describes the relationships discussed. Address the following:

  • Briefly describe who you interviewed and why you chose this person. For privacy reasons, do not include the person’s name.
  • Provide specific examples for each topic area covered in your interview, including but not limited to friendship, dating, marriage, and family. Include nonverbal examples as well.
  • Compare the different dynamics of interpersonal relationships between your culture and the culture of the person you interviewed. Be sure to connect your experience with as many concepts and theories discussed in the text as you can.
    • How do theories of intercultural communication shed light on the information you learned from your interviewee?
    • Did you learn that there are more similarities than differences? If so, please explain.

    Special Instructions:

Make the assignment 2 pages in APA Format. Use 3 sources as references in which one will be assigned to you. Be sure to include in-text citations.

Use the assigned source as 1 of your references: Lustig, M. W., Koester, J. (12/2012). Intercultural Competence: Interpersonal Communication Across Cultures. pp. (179-214).

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