Death Scenario and Relationship Brochure

PART 1DEATH SCENARIORead the scenario on p, 283 of Positive Psychology.Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper including the following:Describe in detail the thoughts and emotions you felt while imagining the scenario.If you did experience this event, how do you think you would handle the final moments?If you did experience this event, how would you describe your life up to this point.In what ways can traumatic events be opportunities for growth?INCLUDE INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSIONFormat your paper consistent with APA guidelines.PART 2Create a brochure in which you communicate the following to engaged couples:The effect of intimate relationships on wellbeingStrategies to maintain healthy relationshipsIf you do not have a template, this is the one the teacher gave us in class, attached here, it is a download and can be opened with a word program. You can use it for a template and then create your own content and pictures.   If you don’t like this template, here is a link for free templates: IS THE BOOK WE ARE USING IN CLASS:Baumgardner, S. R., & Crothers, M. K. (2009). Positive psychology. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education

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