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Debating the use of punishment

School of EducationDepartment of Counseling, Research,Special Education & RehabilitationDebating the use of punishmentFor this assignment you will write a 4 page typed paper arguing both for and against the use of punishment. You can include information on ethics and the right to effective treatment in your arguments as well as any side effects that may be observed when using punishment. You should use 2 references (preferably from a journal, book, or web-based journal article or book- not just a webpage please) to support your case on each side. I did post a book for you on blackboard for your use under course materials if you’d like any further reading on the topic. PLEASE do NOT focus the paper on corporal punishment (we are not talking about corporal punishment) but the use of punishment that typically occurs in the classroom.This assignment is due on January 21st, 2021 at 11am Florida time.Only take up the job if you know you will deliver by this day and time

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