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Define and describe what a carbon footprint is.

Below are the instructions for the ePortfolio project.Answer the first 3 questions along with what the apps estimate is your initial carbon footprint.Then I want you to come up with an idea for what you will do for #4.As this is going to be a short paper put everything in paragraph form, written in complete sentences and cited correctly.Link for citation guide and templates.   https://library.broadview.edu/apa1. Select at least 2 of the apps to use.2. Define and describe what a carbon footprint is.3. Compare/contrast how each app. tracks your carbon footprint (differences in the questions they ask, and how they collect data).  Which do you think was better – and why.4. What is your carbon footprint.  Did it change over the semester . . . did you edit any of the information in the app. like keeping track of exactly how many miles a week you drive.5. What can you do with this information?  Can you change something that would decrease your carbon footprint – and if so is it something that the app. tracks, did you change it, and how much did it affect your footprint – be sure to take screen shots to use in the project before and after so you have a visual reference to refer to in the paper.

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