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Mathematics is evident in nearly every facet of life. From cell phones to robots or digital cameras to tablets, many of the technologies today that we consider commonplace, even essential, would not exist without the understanding of numbers. Having an awareness of the evolution of math and numbers throughout history reveals the rich presence of math in everyday life. It’s hard to believe the math you use today has evolved over thousands of years. From early civilizations to current daily life, the influence of mathematics has traveled far and wide. Research the Babylonian and Mayan Civilizations by reviewing books.1 paragraphs that identify at least one contribution to our society that has stemmed from the Babylonian or Mayan civilization. Explain how this contribution can be seen in everyday life. Make sure to cite at least two sources.Blitzer, R. (2014). Thinking mathematically (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.Chapter 4, “Number Representation and Calculation” (p. 211)· Section 4.1, “Our Hindu-Arabic System and Early Positional Systems”(pp. 212–217)· Section 4.2, “Number Bases in Positional Systems” (pp. 220–225)· Section 4.3, “Computation in Positional Systems” (pp. 227–233)· Section 4.4, “Looking Back at Early Numeration Systems” (pp. 236–240)

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