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You may not realize the many different ways that balloting and voting can be conducted. The nature of a voting event often determines the type of ballot. Understanding ballot types, the various voting methods, and their relationships with the voting outcomes reveals the intricacies of the voting process.In this Discussion, you will look at different elements of the voting process.Research the voting methods for one of the following: the Heisman Trophy, the Nobel Prize, the Grammy, the Tony, the Emmy, the Pulitzer Prize, or consider another event of your choice. Construct a preference table for an election with candidates A, B, and C satisfying one of the following conditions.Candidate {A, B or C} wins using the Borda count methodCandidate {A, B or C} wins using the plurality-with-elimination methodCandidate {A, B or C} wins using the pairwise comparison methodCandidate {A, B or C} wins using the majority vote method

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