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Differential equations maple assignment. Nonlinear equations

1. a. Use Maple to find a general solution to example 2 from our Section 3.2 Notes.b. Now solve the same DE for the given initial conditions.c. Create a phase portrait showing the two solutions for the given initial conditions.2. a. Repeat the three parts above for the DE b. Assuming this models a population, what is the carrying capacity of this population?3. a. Solve the DE by hand (check your answer in the 10e solutions manual, section 3.2, number 3). Take a picture of your work and insert it in your Maple worksheet.b. Now use Maple to solve both generally and with the initial condition.c. Graph the particular solution in the DE’s field plot.d. Why/How does Maple’s solution differ (if it does at all) from the text’s solution?Save your project as last name_first initial_Maple2 and upload to Canvas by October 23, 2019.**Be sure to make comments as you go through the problems, and answer any questions in the worksheet.

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