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Discussion 1

One page or 1.5 answering the questions. Think about the practical skills you can acquire from a research and design class.How do you think the skills acquired in this class will help you in other areas of your life?Why is it important for members of our society to have some knowledge of research methods?·  You will investigate one topic for the entire duration of this course. What is your topic?·  What are the leading methods of research techniques taken up by the investigators in your area of interest? Select three investigators in this field and identify the research techniques taken up by each; give an example of when each investigator used each technique.·  Which among these is the most common method? Why do you think this method is commonly used? How could you incorporate it into your research?·  Which method is the most cost and time efficient? Explain your reasoning.Considering that you had to back up a government institution’s research project, which method would you select, keeping in mind that the monetary involvement is rigid and budgeted? Also, describe the various flaws in all the methods you described.

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