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Discussion 2 – Initial Thoughts

Point Value: 1Submit your thoughtful response as a new thread. Due Saturday, August 29thReply thoughtfully to at least two other students.   Due Tuesday, September 1stYou must post your response before you can reply to a classmate’s response.You have started working in ALEKS and in weeks 1 and 2 focused on the Course Readiness objective and the Consumer Math 1 objective.How comfortable are you using ALEKS to learn the topics on your learning path?What tools or resources within ALEKS have been effective in helping you master the week 1 and week 2 topics?Using these directions can you see your percentage of learned topics in each open objective?Click the 3 horizontal bars on left side of ALEKS screenClick on ReportsThen Current ObjectiveThen View Full ReportHow did your initial time management plan work out?  Did you need to make adjustments?Is your confidence level at being able to do math rising from when you signed up for the course?If so – what is contributing to that rise?If not – what additional support do you need?

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