Discussion 2: The Changing Nature of Work

As a potential personnel consultant, you have to keep up the with the changing nature of work in order to analyze jobs, recruit applicants, select employees, determine salary levels, train employees, and evaluate employee performance. You have to use your existing knowledge as well as keep abreast of how the field is evolving. For example, consider the impact of technology on industries and careers. The careers that your parents might have considered highly desirable, such as working in the car factory, are now almost obsolete. This is due to the changing nature of work, such as the inclusion of technology.For this Discussion, reflect on the article, “The End of the Job,” and think about the author’s definition of a job. Consider how the changing nature of work may impact you as a potential personnel consultant.Post by Day 5 a brief explanation of two influences that changed the nature of work. Then, explain how the changing nature of work requires new demands for research. Finally, explain one way that the changing nature of work might impact you as a potential personnel consultant. Support your response with the Learning Resources and current literature.

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