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Discussion Board / Video

r. John Gottman is one of the foremost scientific researchers on marital relationships, particularly relational satisfaction, and marriage dissolution. He is affiliated with the University of Washington and has authored numerous books, including The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Watch the following brief video featuring a summary of Gottman’s seven principles for a happy relationship:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t68x6uc5T6c&index=2&list=PLPvkh05Mtn3Tg7_20nKh-KGS5M8NovtrORelate the principles to at least three specific concepts covered in Chapter 9.Which of the principles do you think is most important? Why?Based on Gottman’s message, what would you tell your adult children or a good friend about what you learned from viewing Gottman’s advice?Please, comment on the answers of two classmates. Why are you agree or disagree with their answers?

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