Discussion Posts- future uses of network modeling- Journal Entry

Find an article about the use of network analysis in a business area of your interest. Share the link to the article and provide key points from the article as well as why you chose this article.Please respond to the discussion question with one original post and at least two substantial replies to other students. A substantial reply is considered a post which moves our discussion forward and deepens our understanding of the material. You may wish to post a probing question (i.e. How would your model apply in ____ context? What would happen if we changed ______?) or by adding new information (i.e. This is similar to _____ because ______). Posts which simply state “Way to go Bob!” or “I thought the same thing.” do not deepen our understanding and will not earn full credit.Journal EntryPlease answer the following questions in your  journal:What strengths did you demonstrate in your work for this module?In what areas do you still need improvement?What insight(s) did you gain from your work through this module?

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