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Discussion post 1:A person’s job is to develop applications that align with most of the company’s requirements. The role played by a person in a particular company to facilitate most of their victory of the company’s various functions every day or as a lengthy reputation of the company necessity. Most of the personal skills in Information Technology will be utilized to aid and help the company strategy(Benitez, Llorens, &Braojos2018). However, an IT strategic agenda overlaps with most of the company framework for most of the functions, which can make them a top priority for that individual. The IT strategic program formulation of a person who has to talk with most of the company administration to retain a complicated strategy of their activity. A person will be able to understand the company technique arranged into recreation by the company. Understanding the company technique will help a person set up an application that will not be able to have the organization to increase the productivity characteristic to accomplish most of the desired earnings phases. The application techniques by a person who tries to make usage will try to authorize the company to have competitiveness as a benefit which will be against the present competition in the demands. During this kind of strategic strategy, which will be a very detailed examination of the company objectives and strategy, a person will attempt to create a strategy that encloses the analyzed characteristics and helps them. However, this strategic technique will try to discredit most of the problems the company is encountering.Therefore, a person will try to function with the organization’s administration to deal with this kind of package, which will have the company’s need for an information permit. One of the techniques will try to operate the organization to confront the different stakeholders. The engagement will assist in accomplishing situational considerations for most stakeholders, impacting festive activities toward the company objectives(Xiang et al., 2021). The procedure will also be intended to maintain most of the stakeholders generously and periodically inform them about most of the actions held by the company. A person will try to develop the technique to assist recognized regions in the respective organizations, which will need to be looking into that particular area.Discussion post 2:Integrating BlockChain to provide security against Cyber attacksBlockchain has been an interest for me in the last year. In this class, we took a dive into Blockchain and its applications in several industries. However, this has sparked my interest in the topic. Another area of interest is the cybersecurity area. Many organizations and governments are dealing with several attacks every day. Blockchain technology has several features that help to secure transactions. These same features can be applied in cyber security systems to help protect organizations from attacks. Password creation and updating have become more invasive for use. Organizations are consistently evolving to stricter password policies and including multiple-factor authentication. Blockchain will provide a more secure way and prevent users from memorizing multiple passwords and consistently changing them. “Integrating BlockChain to provide security against Cyber attacks” is the focus topic. Dai (2022) discussed some applications of Blockchain and cyber security. My research will focus on how it can be integrated and the ways it provides security against cyber attacks.

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