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Discussion (Psychology)

1. For the article you select, first, give a short 1-3 sentence summary of the main findings of that article. Be sure to put the summary in your own words; do not quote verbatim from the article or my recorded lecture. Second, articulate a question you would like answered that would extend that work. For example, if you select the Kam and Zechmeister paper, you might want to know if there are conditions that enhance the magnitude of the mere exposure effect. For instance, might the mere exposure effect be larger when people are under cognitive load? Cognitive load tends to enhance reliance on heuristic cues. So, if mere exposure is a heuristic type cue, perhaps its impact on candidate choice would be greater when under load.2. After give the response, I will give one of other’s response, you need to reply it. Just be sure to meaningfully address the prompt and, when replying to a classmate, meaningfully extend their remark.

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