DQ 2

Compare and contrast the two different styles of solution-oriented therapy you observed in the Berg and Grantham videos. Describe some things they did that were similar in nature and what you noticed about their therapeutic style that was different. Share whether you feel one or the other of these experienced therapists was more effective than the other or not, and why you feel this way.Carefully reread the case of the pre-med student, Dan Lee, through a solution-focused lens. This case is presented by Walsh (2014) from a person-centered intervention perspective. As you read this case again through a solution-focused lens, consider how you would engage this client from a solution-focused perspective. Share your thoughts and plan, and include a brief dialogue that demonstrates a solution-focused interaction between the two of you. Close this part of your discussion post by commenting on whether you feel SFT would be more or less effective than PCT in this case and conclude with your rationale.Finally, complete this week’s initial post by sharing your thoughts on the following: Solution-focused therapy has been utilized in a wide range of presenting issues and situations. Share a presenting issue that you feel would be less appropriate for a solution-focused approach along with an alternate approach that you feel would be more appropriate and why you came to this conclusion.

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