dynamics of organisation

comment 3 lines #1 & #2 seperatley mention number for each one #1 & #2


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The six steps in the formal planning process are analyze the situation, alternative goals and plans, goal and plan evaluation, goal and plan selection, implementation, monitor, control performance. (The six steps in the formal planning process are 1, 2017, p. 1) All the steps in the formal planning are important. You need to know what the problems are and what goals and plans to take to solve the problems. You need to decide as a team what the best plan for implementing those plans are going to be. Then you need to see if the plans and goals are solving the problems and if they are not then you need to sit back down as a team and come up with new ways to solve the problems. One thing that I think is important in this planning process is communication and listening to all ideas and then coming up with the best solutions as a team. If the communication is not there the problems will not be solved and the goals you set as a company to solve the situations will fail.

I think knowing the problems, setting goals and working together to solve them or obtaining different solution to the problems is essential. I think knowing there are problems and reaching and coming up with plans and goals to solve them and implanting and evaluating them is what makes companies stronger. Communication from the CEO down to the lowest level of the company is essential when it comes to the planning process. Everyone must know what their part in is reaching the goals and know what the goals are for the company. I do think that monitoring the performance is important because then you will know whether the goals are being meet and whether they should be changed. “Even the most experienced business owners can learn from their mistakes. Always monitor the results of strategic decisions you make as a small business owner; be ready to adapt your plan as necessary, or to switch to another potential solution if your chosen solution does not work out the way you expected”


Strategic planning can be challenging and requires systematization. As in many other real life situation, “divide and conquer” strategy can be effectively applied to planning process. Dividing the process in small and manageable pieces gives better control over it.

Planning process can be broken down into following steps:

Analyze the situation

Alternative goals and plans

Goal and plan evaluation

Goal and plan selection


Monitor and Control Performance I would argue, that out of the steps listed above the “Implementation” step is the most important. From the perspective of the organization I am currently working for, I can say that the organization excels at all the preparation steps that precede implementation. We have good leaders that set the direction for the organization. They truly understand the market and needs of customers. In my opinion problems start to arise at implementation phase and there could be various reasons for that. From my observation, the organization suffers from lack of systematic approach to management. Specifically, there is no mechanism that would allow to measure performance of departments. It is almost impossible to manage what you cannot measure. What are the criteria of success? How do we know at what point we are if we don’t have navigational instruments? Without efficient mechanism to measure and control, implementation is doomed to be in chaos.

Part of that issue may be explained by inefficient HR policies. For example, how can we say who is the best equipped for this or that implementation task? In most cases, key project positions are granted to those who have the loudest voice. But this issue deserves a separate discussion.

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