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What are the main drivers and goals for eHealth in Saudi Arabia?What are the barriers for a wider adoption of eHealth in Saudi Arabia?What are the anticipated positive impacts of health information systems?How is health data different from data in other industries?Can you implement IT in healthcare without reassessing and redesigning workflow and care processes? Explain?Can you produce knowledge from our current healthcare data? Explain the roles of information technology in knowledge generation and management?What are the potential (promises) of data analytics in healthcare? What are the limitations?Electronic health record is aimed to digitize paper records. Is this the ultimate goal for having EHR? Explain the ultimate impact of EHR on healthcare services?What is an EHR? When can we confidently say that we have EHR in our facility?Be familiar with the HIMSS adoption model!What are the main modules that should be available in the Ambulatory care faculty? Inpatient faculty?What is the migration path? Be familiar with interdependence that exists among different modules!”References must be in APA style”

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