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Easy Stats

Weights of Coke. Construct a frequency table for the weights (in pounds) given below of 36 cans of regular Coke. Start the first bin at 0.7900 pound and use a bin width of 0.0050 pound. Discuss your findings.0.8192    0.8194   0.8211   0.81760.8062    0.8143   0.8110   0.81520.7901    0.8152   0.8079   0.81610.8161    0.8163   0.8194   0.82470.8165    0.8172   0.8150   0.82640.8207    0.8073   0.8295   0.81700.8150    0.8189   0.8181   0.82840.8128    0.8229   0.8251   0.82440.8244    0.8126   0.8044   0.8192the constructing of the frequency table, bin the data starting with .7900-.7949. Your frequency chart should have resulted in a Weight of the coke (in Lbs) column, Frequency column, a Relative Frequency column and a Cumulative Frequency column. create Histogram also

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