Economics 40 (microeconomics) essay

-pick an article thats recent. From January 2017-present and is based on microeconomics

-can talk about:

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supply & demand


allocation methods

price ceiling/floor & subsidies

income tax

initial markets


public goods & common resources

private info

perfect competition


monopoly competition

oligopoly, game theory

-choose one of those topics to talk about and pick an article that is based off one of those topics where you could explain the chosen topic

-this is a 2 part project

-1st part is a 1 page outline on what you will talk about in the article and how you will use the topic to relate it to the article you’ve chosen

-2nd part: next write a 4 page maximum essay on the same article

-page 1: brief summary of article

-page 2-3: explain and analyze

-page 4: summary based off analysis opinion

-can use references and/or charts

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