Entreprise assignemnt

Each one spread paragraph

1. A description of the customer(s) 150 words

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2. What have you learnt about entrepreneurship from this activity?

(began with introduction to this paragraph in two sentence then says what I have learnt about entrepreneurship from this activity ) all will be 300 words

you can use this points as what we have learnt

– Having strong brand identity using B2C sales helps customers to identify and differentiate between our business / products competitors; in addition, it influences purchasing decisions.

Start business process earlier to achieve more sales and expand its market share.

– Having an alternative plan to avoid any risks related to business investment (liquidity risks and company risk)

– Targeting the proper segment by advertising to get higher returns, major ways in which a market can be segmented are (Demographics, life style and Interest).

3. What have you learnt about yourselves from this activity (150 words)

the assignment topic is : we were selling a Lanyards so you have an idea what is the assignment about its for my enterprise subject

please don’t forget to use Harvered references in text and at the end around 8-9

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