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Essay on Monsters/Monstrosity in Visual Art

Fall 2019

English 102, Essay 4

Assignment Sheet

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Essay Assignment 4: Significance

You will write about the significance of your chosen topic, and you will focus on any meaningful impacts your chosen topic has had on society, visual arts, or other areas and what that means for visual art in general, society, or for any other broad area. You should develop an argument about your topic based on your research. You may incorporate knowledge gathered from your previous essays. You must reference each of the sources you use within the body of your essay, whether by quote, paraphrase or other method.

Significance  ( Expand More Base on the Bellow Paragraph )

      This topic is essential because it will give in-depth information about vampires. In today’s world, the use of vampires in movies, paintings, and novels is common. Therefore, we should have a better understanding of vampires to analyze these art forms. With this, perhaps we will overcome the fear of vampires and appreciate their significance in the contemporary world. This topic should be of interest to everyone because we will encounter tales, movies, and paintings everywhere. We, therefore, need to know about vampires to be able to appreciate these works   

A forum post detailing your sources must also be turned in to the Moodle by November 23 as part of your total essay grade.


· Minimum FOUR pages

· 12-point Times New Roman font, NO double-spaced, 1.0 SPACE, MLA format

· Minimum TEN sources, must include the following:

o THREE secondary, scholarly sources specifically from academic journals

o FOUR other secondary, scholarly sources

o ONE creative primary source

o TWO other primary sources

· Completed self-evaluation rubric, p65 of the Comp. & Rhet. Guide

· Blank essay rubric, p73 of the Comp. & Rhet. Guide

· Moodle submission and hardcopy

Receive prompt November 12

Rough Draft due November 21

Annotated Bib. due November 23

Final Draft due November 26

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