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Ethical Considerations

Please compose a Policy Brief including determinants and associated issues pertaining to your individually preferred public health topic (e.g. Healthy People 2020/2030 LHI). Please include a brief consideration of possible public health and public policy actions for addressing the LHI that you have proposed. Please incorporate ethical considerations using the Framework for Ethical Analysis and Justification, which may be found on page 127 of the text. Please use the sample Health Affairs policy brief to organize your homework.Sample Policy Brief: https://www.healthaffairs.org/do/10.1377/hpb20130815.523558/full/Instructional Objective:Final product; The homework should be 3 to 4 pages in length, with 1.5 inch spacing and 1 inch margins.Outline the LHI and associated issuesBackground; primary determinants and historical contextEthical Considerations; goals, risks and harms, stakeholders, scope of authorityPolicy ImplicationsOutline Next Steps/Action Steps References and ResourcesOne Public Health (prevention or intervention) actionOne related Public Policy actionFor each of these 2 actions, please consider and evaluate ethical dimensions;Utility, Justice and Respect for individuals and public institutionsEffectivenessProportionality and NecessityLeast infringement and Public justificationPlease use the following resources:N & M Text – Chapter 6 on EthicsHealth Affairs sample policy brief re: Health Disparities  (attachment provided)Healthy People 2020/2030 LHI website and associated documents on the websiteFind 1 journal articleand1 policy article related to your topic to provide some historical context and to serve as a mini Lit Review

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