Excel project

Excel Project

Select a company and obtain the financials for the most recent two year period. Based on the company financials:

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1. Prepare a Horizontal Analysis for all 3 financial statements.

2. Prepare a Vertical Analysis for the Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

3. Prepare a Ratio Analysis for each of the following:

a. Current ratio

b. Acid-test ratio

c. Receivable turnover

d. Inventory turnover

e. Profit margin

f. Asset turnover

g. Return on Assets

h. Return on Common Stockholder’s Equity

i. EPS (Earnings Per Share)

j. Debt to total Assets ratio

k. Times Interest Earned

Your analysis should include a comparative analysis that is Intracompany (Horizontal & Vertical analysis for 2 years). No intercompany analysis is required. The project should be done via Excel

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