Excel – Regression

In this assignment, you will perform a multiple regression analysis inside of Microsoft Excel.Walk through the example regression problem.Learn by Marketing. (2018). Linear regression by hand and in Excel (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from http://www.learnbymarketing.com/tutorials/linear-regression-by-hand-in-excel/Now complete a secondary regression using the changed data table you can download here data-marketing-budget-12mo-version2 [Excel file]Complete a multiple regression using the data “Use Sales” as the Y Range and “Social Media,” “Web” and “Print” as the X-Range.Include residuals, line-fit plots and Normal probability plots.Read: Regression analysis in Excel (These are videos to help you if you’re still unsure how to do regression).· QIMacros. (2018). Regression analysis in Excel (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from https://www.qimacros.com/hypothesis-testing/regression/Watch: Multiple Regression Interpretation in Excel.This video provides an example of interpreting multiple regression output in excel:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlbdkgYz7FMAnalyze what you are able to determine from the regression:·       Regression statistics·       Equation of the line·       Effects of variation of spend in Social Media and WebInclude a copy of your Excel file with the regression output in a separate sheetAttached below is a video giving tips and assignment picture on how to insert the data.

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