exercise 5m

In Chapter 5, you learned paid search marketing. For this exercise, you need to select a specific product or service you want to study. Create a list of three different search terms someone might use to search for your selected product. Use Google to search for each of your keyword phrases. NOTE: use a different browser or different computer for each to avoid differences caused by Google’s tracking of your search behavior…note that you might also minimize this problem by clearing your cache and browsing history after each search. Analyze the differences in the ads, if any, among the different keyword phrases.

To receive credit for this exercise, REPLY to THIS message and answer the following questions.

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  1. What product/service did you investigate? What keyword phrases did you select for this product?
  2. Analyze the positioning of each ad on the first page of results for each keyword phrase. Does each ad appeal to a different segment (price sensitive, selection, quality, free shipping)? Is there a likely consumer segment that would not be attracted by any of the existing ads? Explain.
  3. Analyze the landing pages of three different ads for your selected product/service. Does the landing page encourage purchase? How targeted to your specific keyword phrase is the landing page? Do the price, promo, and keywords align with the ad copy?
  4. Explain your feelings and reactions to this assignment.
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