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Using the feedback from Module Three, you will use the Qualtrics software to create your survey. It is important to program your materials exactly how you would want participants to see them. Remember to register for your SNHU Qualtrics account by following the instructions in the Creating a Qualtrics Account handout prior to beginning work on this task. (Refer to the Qualtrics Support website and the instructional video for assistance.) Submit your survey link in a Word document to your instructor for grading.  Go to my username is [email protected] and my password is Britbrat77$I HAVE UPLOADED THE RUBRIC BELOW.HERE ARE SOME COMMENTS FROM THE PROFESSOR ABOUT THE PREVIOUS SURVEY DONE.Your survey is unfocused. I encourage you to narrow your ideas to one aspect of adolescent thinking. Then, when you think of the answer choices, you need to leave the questions openened or make sure you have all possible options. Some of your questions only had 2-3 choices, none of which may be relevant to your participants.Another suggestion I have is that you allow people to describe their own gender or age or race (make it an open ended question), rather than trying to construct categories. This way, someone who is mixed race or intersexual is not put off by your categories. Then, when you do the analysis, you can easily have the statistical analysis program create the categories you want to use.

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