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Multicultural Diversity Case StudyPreparationReview the sport psychology literature over the last 3–5 years to get an idea of current research trends in multicultural research.Choose one topic related to multicultural diversity to analyze in further depth.DirectionsSummarize current research on multicultural diversity in the sport psychology literature.Write a 1–2 page summary of current research trends in multicultural sport psychology.Analyze a topic related to multicultural diversity in sport psychology.Introduce the specific topic related to multicultural diversity that you will focus on and explain the importance of the topic and its current relevance in the field of sport psychology.Explain how this topic is treated in the professional literature.Evaluate practical applications of the research findings.Identify how you might use this information within your chosen professional role.Evaluate how your understanding of your own identity and experiences may impact your work with those who have a different cultural experience or identity than yours.Explore your own experiences related to the topic.Examine your reactions and note any biases.What questions are raised for you, either personally or professionally, as you explore multicultural diversity in the field of sport psychology?Create a strategy for professional development in the area of multicultural diversity.Analyze strengths that your bring to multicultural competence.Analyze areas for further development or training.Conceive a plan to increase your professional knowledge and skills in the area of multicultural diversity.Additional RequirementsLength: 3–5 pages.Font: Arial, 12 pointReferences: Use at least three APA-formatted citations.

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