Foundations of Applied Behavior Discussion post

After reading Iwata (1987) and locating a more recent article regarding negative reinforcement (particularly related to an area of interest for you), evaluate the importance of understanding escape-maintained behavior and how it can effect your intervention selection. Consider the notion of reducing the value of escape (if applicable).Construct this discussion based on your readings and research in the area, not previously held opinions. Be sure to cite references in APA format and follow the Discussion Rubric.Discussion Post Rubric20 Possible PointsCategory4 Points2 Points0 PointsLength of PostThe author’s post consisted of 150—200 wordsThe author’s post consisted of 100—149 wordsThe author’s post consisted of 99 words or lessGrammar, Usage, SpellingThe author’s post contained less than 2 grammar, usage, or spelling errors.The author’s post contained 3—4 grammar, usage, or spelling errors.The author’s post contained more than 5 grammar, usage, or spelling errors and proofreading was not apparent.Referencing and Utilizing Outside SourcesThe author posted references from peer—reviewed behavioral sources in APA format and cited one or more original behavioral references, outside of the assigned readings.The author posted references in APA format of assigned readings but did not include an additional peer—reviewed behavioral reference.The author neither utilized APA format for referenced material used nor cited an outside peer—reviewed behavioral reference.Promotes DiscussionThe author’s postclearly responds to theassignment prompt,develops ideas cogently, organizes them logically, and supports them through empirical writing. The author’s post also raises questions or stimulates discussion. The author’s postresponds to theassignment prompt but relies heavily on definitionalexplanations and doesnot create and developoriginal ideas andsupport them logically.The author’s post maystimulate some discussion. The author’s post doesnot correspond with the assignment prompt, mainly discusses personal opinions, irrelevant information, or information ispresented with limitedlogic and lack ofdevelopment andorganization of ideasDoes not support anyclaims made.DemonstratesApplication of theAssigned Reading and Behavioral ConceptsThe author’s postclearly demonstratesapplication andrelationship to the week’s assignedreading/topic.The author’s post refersto the assignedtopic/readingtangentially but doesnot demonstrateapplication.The author’s post doesnot demonstrateapplication of the week’s assignedtopic/reading.

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