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Graphing Calculator

This should be broken into several paragraphs and be several pages long.  A hard part is making sure that you give credit to authors for their ideas! If you use someone else’s thoughts/ideas/words you MUST cite them and give them credit!  I can help you with this, but it is YOUR responsibility to keep up with what article ideas come from and WHO said/wrote it!Define any terms needed to understand your topic and use sources (cite them!!).2. Explain the actual equation/theorem/proof-MathematicallyVisually- Are there ways to illustrate this idea to your audience using everyday scenarios? Are there charts/images/graphics you would like to include? MAKE SURE TO CITE THEM! Keep up with where you are getting your information!Are there theorems within this topic that need to be explained?3. Are there different forms of the equation/theorem/proof that you can explain?4. Applications of equation/theorem/proof (Include at least 2 applications)Examples of how to use it. Provide lots of details.Application 1:Source:Application 2:Source:

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