Health care consumer 1.2

Our health care system changes frequently. In this assignment, you will review our current health care system and how it has evolved in the past 8 years. This will give you the necessary background knowledge to complete this assignment and other assignments in this course.Research events or shifts in our health care system within the past 3–5 years.Select 1 current event or shift in the health care system from your researchWrite a 350- to 500-word reflection that details the changing landscape of our health care system based on your research and selected current event or shift. In your reflection:Explain your selected current event or shift.Describe the impact of this current event or shift on the health care system on health care consumers. Consider these tips:You, your friends, and your family are health care consumers.As you think about the impact on consumers, consider the impact experienced when there was a shift from acute care to wellness and prevention and a shift in accountability.Explain your perception of thecurrent event or shift you selected. Remember, it is not appropriate to share personal medical information and background.Format your references according to APA guidelines.Include 2 references.

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