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Health Care Financial Concepts Paper Requirements

Assessment #2: Health Care Financial Concepts Paper RequirementsTarget:assess health care policies and regulations and employ best practices to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws and to identify opportunities for improved performanceFrom the list of financial concepts, pickonly 1-2financial concepts to discuss.Search for a healthcare finance related article on the concepts.In a 3-5 page paper, describe how you can apply the selected financial concepts from the article to your current health care organization or a health care organization of your choice.Some examples of financial concepts are:Revenues or revenue cycleFixed and variable costsGAAPContribution marginBreakeven AnalysisCapitationIncome statementsBalance sheetsCost value analysisCost allocation methodsAuditing processGeneral knowledge of health care laws and regulationsTime value of moneyFinancial statement analysisCost of capitalFinancial riskInsurance and riskRatio analysisAnalyticsBudgeting (operational and capital)ForecastingLease financingCost controlBenchmarksHIPAA privacy actAffordable Care Act (ACA)JCAHOICD-10Profit vs. non-profitBest practicesComplianceBe sure to include the following:Provide a summary of the article (must be healthcare related). Articles should be within the last 5-10 years for current articles.Provide an explanation of the financial concept(s) found in the article.Provide an example of how you can apply these financial concept(s) to your current health care organization or to the health care organization of your choice (i.e. John Hopkins Hospital, Mayo Clinic)*.Include the source of the article in the paper and include another source above the current article (a minimum of 2 sources are required)

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