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Health Ed/Fitness Dynamics

Hello, I have a Health Ed/Fitness Dynamics class assignment needs help.Interesting subject headings a must!You should have the hang of this by now.  Here is a math question.  Approximately how many calories should you consume a day?  On the class web site select “course documents” and then the “EER Formulas and Examples” document.  On your post find the formula for men or women and then do the math.  Show your work on the post!  Example:  EER=662- (9.53 x AGE) etc for men.  Report your estimate number of calories.  Start a chain and put the previous students first name and their EER.  The last student to post will have all the names and the EER’s.Example:John-3,248Sally-1,893Fred-4,121Please follow the instructions carefully and finish the work before due. Thank you.

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