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PreparationFirst, identify a job description for a potential job of interest to you.Visit the SIOP I/O Job Network linked in Resources.Remember: you must be registered for a free account to access the job posts.Select one job post of interest to you. If you don’t find the perfect job description, use one that is close or consult with the instructor.InstructionsComplete the following:List the job description you found in the SIOP job bank.Analyze the information in the job post and create a list of at least six competencies you would need for the job.Analyze your current competencies and determine what you would need to develop or strengthen to prepare for this job.Describe how you would develop skills and competencies to obtain and excel in this role.Explain how you would connect with and engage a potential mentor or a coach to support your development.Describe what kind of coaching would you seek to help you develop in preparation for that position.Include two scholarly articles on coaching to support your discussion.Because in IO Psychology it is a responsibility to understand and use strong diversity practices and often to support clients and team members with diversity training, coaching, or mentoring, also:Discuss what will help you gain strong competencies in diversity practices for your future work.Include two scholarly articles on diversity practices to support your discussion.Imagine you have been working on developing your competencies for six months.

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