hmgt 310

PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS IN ONE THREADScience:In two paragraphs, describe any public program that serves as a source to finance the U.S. healthcare system. Describe the specific policy and the program that occurred as a result of the policy and the intended target population.ApplicationConsider your readings on the challenges, debates and successes of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010. Using figure 3 (located in week 1 resources) “How a bill becomes a law,” and this weeks’ scholarly readings, select any area within this diagram to describe any issue(s) that may have occurred during or after the process of the PPACA transforming from a bill to an actual law. For example, you can describe:● How did “the people” influence the passage of this healthcare bill? (What evidencesupports this?)● Describe a specific state legislature that supported or opposed the bill? (Offer details)● Describe the “Committee” in the legislative body who was responsible for reviewinghealth care bills.● Describe one debate or amendment to the ACA bill prior to its adoption into law.● Were there any issues with the budgets associated with the ACA bill?● Were there any public hearings during the Committee sessions? If so, provide adescription● Describe any debates to overturn the ACAUMUC journal articles can also be used to support your discussion response this week

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