hmgt 320 assignmenet

Assignment 2 (15%): Process Mapping of a Quality Improvement InitiativeInstructionsAssignment 2 (15%): Process Mapping of a Quality Improvement InitiativeProcess Mapping: Students are required to research an existing health care organization of their choice. In your research you should identify a quality improvement (QI) initiative that will improve the way patient care is delivered at the facility. The QI can be the result of organizational need, accreditation standards, and/or regulatory requirements.Instructions: Clearly state the specific QI objective. Provide a brief description articulating why the QI is important and how the quality of patient care will be improved as a result of the QI. In addition, identify an executive, team lead, and staff member as the stakeholders who are responsible for the implementation of the QI and explain what roles they play in the implementation of the objective. It will be necessary to generate a flow chart that specifically emphasizes the steps necessary for implementing the QI as well as the position that is most appropriate for performing the tasks and exact duties of the step.Formatting:Title Page1 page (double spaced) Page should include QI objective and description.1 page Page should include the flow chart illustrating the required steps necessary to implement the QI.Reference Page (2 references minimum)Written document should conform to American Psychological Association (APA) 6th Edition

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