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Homework 6

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.Provide an appropriate response.1) A test consists of 10 true/false questions. To pass the test a student must answer at least 7 questionscorrectly. If a student guesses on each question, what is the probability that the student will passthe test?1)A) 0.945 B) 0.117 C) 0.055 D) 0.1722) If an investor purchased 50 shares of Pearson Education stock at $85 per share, 90 shares at $105 pershare, 120 shares at $110 per share and another 75 shares at $130 per share. What is the mean costper share?2)A) $109.40 B) $130.50 C) $110.25 D) $105.503) The register of a college recorded the amount of time each student spent waiting in line duringpeak registration hours one Monday. The frequency table below summarizes the results. Find thestandard deviation. Round your answer to one decimal place.Waiting time(minutes)Number ofstudents0 – 3 154 – 7 158 – 11 812 – 15 916 – 19 020 – 23 33)A) 5.4 B) 5.8 C) 5.6 D) 5.3 E) 5.94) The frequency distribution below gives the weight in grams of 100 laboratory mice. What is theprobability that the weight of a healthy mouse selected randomly from the sample will be morethan 52 grams?Weight in grams of Laboratory MiceClass Interval Frequency43.5-46.5 1646.5-49.5 2449.5-52.5 2752.5-55.5 2455.5-58.5 94)A) 0.33 B) 0.23 C) 0.67 D) 0.50SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question.A fair coin is tossed fourteen times. What is the probability of obtaining the following? Express the answer both in termsof Cn, k and as a four-place decimal.5) Exactly 12 heads? 5)2Construct a frequency polygon.6)Weight of bagof chips (in ounces)Number ofbags15.6-15.7 615.8-15.9 2216.0-16.1 3516.2-16.3 2716.4-16.5 106)Construct a pie graph, with sectors given in percent, to represent the data in the given table.7)Favorite Beverage Number of responsesCola 306Juice 189Milk 207Tea 279Water 1357)Construct the specified histogram.8) Construct a histogram for the following set of data on oil rig utilization by type.Oil Rig Type Percentage of Rigs Currently Utilized (Feb. 2004)Jackup 86%Semisub 74%Drill Ship 82%Submersible 86%8)3Provide an appropriate response.9) A botanist wants to grow a rare plant in his greenhouse. The probability that a given bulbwill mature is 0.42. Suppose 6 bulbs are planted.(A) Write the probability function defining this distribution.(B) What is the probability that 3 or more bulbs will mature?(Round your answer to three decimal places.)9)Which single measure of central tendency – mean, median, or mode – would you say best describes the given set ofmeasurements? Explain why.10) 36 41 72 81 6452 83 78 71 4010

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