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homework civil

(1)Given the typical water usage in the U.S. is approximately, 180 gallons per capita day;   Estimate the population served by the James W. Jardine Water Purification Plant, Chicago, IL.(2)During wastewater secondary treatment processes, air is added to the wastewater.  Why is this step necessary?(3)In dry seasons, the majority (~85%) of water in some rivers is the direct result of wastewater discharges and it is common practice for drinking water plants to treat this waster for potable supply.    It is being suggested that we should skip the step of discharging wastewater into rivers and directly pump the wastewater to the drinking water plant for treatment. Would you be willing to use this water in your home as drinking water?   Do you think this is a good idea (state why or why not)?follow the instrution but first read the pic i will uploaded this read the question

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