homework- Statistical reasoning in psychology

For Week 2, we will interpret the measures of central tendency, variance, sum of squares, and standard deviation, apply properties of the standard normal distribution, describe different methods of sampling, convert raw scores to Z scores, and compute a simple probability.Due ThursdayRespond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:Chapter 2Define the following:(a.) Mean(b.) Mode(c.) Median(d.) Variance(e.) Sum of squares(f.) Standard deviation(g.) Computational formula(h.) Definitional formula(i.) OutlierChapter 3Define the following:(a.) Probability(b.) Normal distribution(c.) Raw score(d.) Z score(e.) Population(f.) Sample(g.) Random selection(h.) Random sampling(i.) Population mean and what is the symbol for the population mean?(j.) Sample mean and what is the symbol for the sample mean?Compare and contrast the three different measures of central tendency. Provide an example of the most appropriate time to use each measurement scale.(Hint! – Remember to cite and reference your response according to the APA writing style)

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