Hotel and Lodging Operations Assignment Details – Week 4 Group Project

Week 4 Group Project

Deliverable length:

Group Project Forum: (see assignment details)

Individual Portion:1 page and 3 organizational charts, 150-word summary explaining research methods and resources used

Group Portion: 10–15 PowerPoint slides

Course Objective(s):

  • Create an organizational charts that represent the operational structure in different types of lodging operations
  • Contrast the potential benefits and liabilities of entering into a lodging franchise.


  • Your team has been hired by Britnie Investment Enterprises (BIE), LLC. BIE is an investment organization with an interest in entering into the lodging industry. Each team member will select a large property, medium property, and small property that provides overnight accommodations.

Individual Portion

BIE has an interest in acquiring lodging properties, including large, medium, and small operations all over the United States.

  • Select either a large, medium, or small lodging property. Compose a 1-page paper draft discussing the benefits and liabilities of operating the selected property size. (Other individuals in your team should select different-size properties so that there is at least 1 list of benefits and liabilities for each property size: large, medium, and small.)
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