HSA5000-Deliverable 3 – Evaluate Research and Data

CompetencyEvaluate research and data that can help answer the research question and support a hypothesis.ScenarioYou are a first-year graduate student. You are taking a graduate course on research and writing. In this assignment, your professor has asked you to evaluate the research and data in two studies related to a research question you are interested in.InstructionsIn a paper for your professor, do the following:Find two scholarly research articles in the Rasmussen library related to a research question you are interested in. Indicate the research question.  Be sure to provide APA citations and provide the library permalinks for the two articles.Evaluate how data was used in these studies:Is the data credible and reliable? Support your answer.Is the data well documented in the paper? Support your answer.Evaluate the data analysis and interpretation. Does the data support the hypothesis and help answer the research question? Support your answer.Discuss the ethical issues that may arise as you conduct your research study. How will you address those issues?ResourcesFor writing assistance, please visit theRasmussen College Writing Guide.For help with APA, visit theRasmussen College APA Guide.Library databases such as the following are great resources for this project:Health SciencesCINAHL PlusHealth Sciences and Nursing via ProQuestMedlineBusinessBusiness Source CompleteBusiness via ProQuestAnother database that you may be interested in knowing about isProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. You can view original research, view research design, data gathering techniques, etc.Grading Rubric1.Clear and thorough explanation of how the data is credible and reliable.Incorporated substantial research to justify these choices.2.Clear and thorough explanation of how the data is documented in the paper.3.Clear and thorough explanation of evaluation of the data analysis and interpretation.4.Clear and thorough discussion of ethical issues that may arise as research is conducted and how these issues will be addressed.5. No errors or omissions in APA formatting.6.No spelling nor grammar errors

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