Human Resource

Format: Individual (each student has to submit their own project)

Submission: Blackboard

In 1250 words (which works out to about 5 pages but I do not look at how many pages you have, I only look at the word count which has to be over 1250) analyze some aspect of an organization of your choosing. This should be an organization that you are familiar with enough to know how they do one of the following: employee selection, employee performance appraisal, employee training, or employee motivation. Your task is to describe in detail the procedure that the company uses and then, drawing on the content of the course and your own research, either praise or criticize this practice. That is, explain why this approach is good or bad and justify your answer with arguments based on what was discussed in class AND on results of your own research on the topic. Your analysis MUST include information that was discussed in class and one other source for each point you make.

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  1. Introduce the area the business is in (e.g., hospitality is an area focusing on …)
  2. Describe briefly the company (it is not necessary to identify the company by name, e.g., premier hotel chain operating on 3 continents with annual revenue of… employing ….)
  3. Describe one of their procedures (e.g., how they do employee performance appraisal)
  4. Critique the procedure discussed above (e.g., the performance appraisal process could be improved because… information from class and information from your own research) Your critique must cite sources other than your textbook. (e.g., According to DeNisi & Smith, 20014, performance appraisal should …)

The purpose of the project is twofold. You are supposed to show that you can use what you have learned in class in real life settings and you are supposed to show that you can do additional research on the topics that were discussed in class.

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