Human Resource practices and the Motivational techniques adopted in two different organisations.

Word Limit: 2,500 words (not including reference list or in text citations or tables or graphs- within 5% below or above).Brief: An overview of the role of Human Resources in organisations today.Instructions:For a given business organisation, describe the core functions of Human Resources. Your answer should identify how each of these roles are applied within the organisation.  Your answer should also include application and evaluation of HR strategies and objectives within the organisation.  Theory alone is insufficient you must provide examples. For a different business organisation discuss the motivational techniques adopted to retain their employees. Your answer must consider the reason why employee motivation is important within the organisation. Theory alone is insufficient you must apply examples.Aims: To introduce the topic of Human Resource practices and workplace motivational techniques adopted by two different organisations.Objectives:  Learning Outcomes to be assessed and marking criteria.Learning Outcomes·         Discussion of  some of  the people management issues within  organisations.·         Assess the core functions of Human Resource management and HR strategies and objectives that are adopted·         Examine the techniques adopted by organisations to motivate their employees·         Applying relevant theoretical concepts·         Conducting research of two different organisations.

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