Human resources assignment

Question 1 (20%). A) Please watch the videos below which discuss how well developed diversity programs are at Google.  B)Although we typically read about advantages of workforce diversity, diversity also has a number of its dark sides. Please fill in the table below by providing 5 EXAMPLES from YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE that demonstrate potential problems associated with diversity (limit your answer to no more than 5 sentences per example).  In the second column, provide 1 suggestion (per example) about what could be done in that situation to make diversity work (limit your answer to no more than 5 sentences per suggestion). CITATIONS are OPTIONAL (the absence if citations will not reduce the points). when Diversity Leads to ProblemsSuggestions on how the Problems could be Handled by HR ManagersExample 1.Your suggestion:Example 2.Your suggestion:Example 3.Your suggestion:Example 4.Your suggestion:Example 5.Your suggestion:Question 2 (20%). Which job analysis method(s) (e.g., observation, interview, critical incidents etc.) would be most suitable for preparing a job analysis for the following jobs? Justify your answer in no more than 5 sentences. Citations are optional.I have also posted additional PPT slides on Blackboard which discuss job analysis in detail. They may help you with this and the next 2 questions.JobJob Analysis MethodJustification1. Pilot2. Plumber3. Industrial organization psychologist4. Nuclear power reactor operator5. JanitorQuestion 3 (15%). There are 3 major parts of the job analysis (job content, job context and worker requirements – they may have different titles in different books but the meaning is the same).  Below are the statement taken from different job analyses. Next to each statement write the part of the job analysis it belongs to (either job content, job context, or worker requirements). No explanations are needed.Statement from Job AnalysisJob Content, Job Context or Worker Requirements1.       Inform customers of daily specials; Remove dishes and glasses from tables or counters, and take them to kitchen for cleaning.2.       10-year contract3.       Working in teams and individually4.       Possible promotions upon outstanding performance5.       Working day from 9 to 5, one hour lunch break, 9-10 management meeting once a week where weekly report should be presentedQuestion 4 (15%). This question is a reverse of the above one. For the jobs listed in the first column, think of a possible statement related to a) job content, b) job context, and c) worker requirements.JobsJob Content, Job Context or Worker Requirements1. Astronomera. Job content:b. Job context:c. Worker requirements:2. Ballerinaa. Job content:b. Job context:c. Worker requirements:3. U.S. Presidenta. Job content:b. Job context:c. Worker requirements:Question 5 (30%). Watch the video below. Imagine that, using the observation method, you will need to prepare a job analysis for the job that you will observe. Write the job analysis [an abbreviated version – no more than a page]. Use some examples of a job analysis from the Internet. Make sure you include the following categories:Job title [come up with your own title that reflects the job]Job description [a brief overview of the job – something similar to what you would post as a job ad)Job content [3-4 examples]Job context [3-4 examples]Worker responsibilities [3-4 examples]Video:

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