Human Resources Manager for a major manufacturing firm, assignment help

For this assignment assume that you are the Human Resources Manager for a major manufacturing firm that has decided to build a new facility in Anderson, SC. USA

This means that your organization will need to source and to hire approximately 500 individuals.

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Your focus will be on hiring forklift operators, machine operators, and clerical support staff.

Include in your narrative a brief description of the compensation strategy that your organization will follow, and how the wage rates you have recommended for various jobs are consistent with this compensation strategy.

In this context, explain how and why you would use wage surveys.

In your analysis, explain:

what types of data you would want to collect

what sources would you use for your information

what firms or types of firms could supply this information, etc.

how geography might impact your data search

Based on your wage research and based on the compensation strategy of your organization make a recommendation about what pay rates you would choose for each of these three categories of employees who will be working in the Upstate of South Carolina.

Explain your reasoning for your recommended pay rates. Support your recommendations with data.

In your research, examine the data for South Carolina hourly wages. Also examine the wage data that is available on O*Net.

Be sure to review local, regional, and national wage data. Explain any differences from these pay levels when you make your recommendations for pay levels.

Research and list at least three sources.

Submit your response in paragraph form.

Your submission should be between 300 and 400 words.

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